Group Youth Conservation Award

We aim to inspire young people to have a stake in wildlife conservation by rewarding and recognising their efforts.

The aim of the Australian Wildlife Society Group Youth Conservation Award is to:

  1. Benefit the preservation of Australian wildlife by supporting young volunteers,
  2. Further the Society’s commitment to preserving native wildlife by supporting young volunteers,
  3. Increase awareness of wildlife conservation and attract new members to the Australian Wildlife Society, and
  4. Reward a small group of young people who do not meet the criteria of the Community Conservation Award, Serventy Conservation Award, and Wildlife Rehabilitation Award.

Applicants must be between the ages of 13 and 18 years old. 

Australian Wildlife Society will provide an annual award of $500 to a small group contributing to Australian wildlife conservation.  A trophy and certificate will accompany the award.

The application process will be promoted via the website, social media platforms, newsletter, and the Australian Wildlife magazine.  Applications will be received annually by 31 December.

Winners will be notified by email, and the results will be published in the Society’s magazine.  The announcement and presentation of the winner will be made at the Annual AGM/Luncheon alongside the Serventy Conservation Award, the Community Conservation Award, and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Award.

To nominate a person (or small group) for the Youth Conservation Award, please complete the online form or download the PDF nomination form HERE


Youth Conservation Award - Nomination Form

2023 Group Youth Conservation Award

The 2023 Group Youth Conservation Award goes to ...