Annual Reports

The past year has been challenging, with the COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll on the economy again in 2021.  However, the Society was fortunate to continue its work protecting Australia’s native wildlife during these difficult times.  I was honoured to be elected as President following the Annual General Meeting and am thrilled to be undertaking a new role in the Australian Wildlife Society as its 19th President.  We were also delighted to welcome a new member to the Board – Dr Hayley Stannard, a wildlife researcher and lecturer on anatomy and physiology subjects at Charles Sturt University. MORE »

The past year has been catastrophic, to say the least, with the brunt of the summer bushfires, flash flooding, and COVID-19 pandemic devastating the country.  The Society was extremely fortunate that we were still able to continue our work to protect Australia’s precious wildlife during these difficult times.  I was honoured to be elected as President following the Annual General Meeting.  We were delighted to welcome two new members to the Board – Brian Scarsbrick AM, the former Chief Executive Officer of the National Trust of Australia New South Wales, and Doctor Robin Crisman, Head Veterinarian, Director, and Principal owner of Somersby Animal Hospital.  For the first time in over one hundred years, the board of the Society decided to establish a new National Office in Hurstville, New South Wales to cope with its expanding wildlife conservation work across Australia. MORE »

The past year for the Society has been one of creativity, quality and integrity. We appointed a new National Office Manager to manage the operations, procedures and administrative tasks of the Society. Furthermore, we formed the NSW Platypus and Turtle Alliance, launched AusWildKidz (a youth section in our newsletter) and increased our social media presence. We wish every member of the Society a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020. This will mark our 111th anniversary. We thank you all most sincerely for your tremendous support, especially during the recent bushfires, and continued dedication and commitment in helping the Society to preserve and protect Australia's native wildlife for future generations. MORE »

The past year for the Society has been one of consolidation and growth. I was honoured to be elected as President following the Annual General Meeting. We were delighted to welcome a new member to the Board – Assoc. Professor Julie Old, a very keen wildlife conservationist and author. MORE »

The past year for the Society has been one of consolidation and growth. I was honoured to be elected as President following the Annual General Meeting. We were delighted to welcome a new member to the Board – Christine Banks, a very keen wildlife conservationist and author. MORE »

It was a busy and productive year for the Society and its Directors. As always the Directors were mindful of the obligations and goals of the Society. Part of the Society's Mission Statement reads: “Our mission is to conserve Australia’s fauna and flora through education and involvement of the community. We are dedicated to the conservation of our unique Australian wildlife in all its forms through national environmental education programs, political lobbying, advocacy and hands‑on conservation work.” To fulfill this goal we introduced the University Student Grants Scheme in 2005 and since its inception have awarded over 120 grants to very worthy recipients. During 2016 we increased the grant to $1,500 and plan in the future to steadily increase the dollar amount of the grants. MORE »

We identified that the future of the Society lies with a new generation of young Australians who have a passion for wildlife conservation. Our research indicated that young people who study wildlife conservation at university develop a keen and abiding interest in the subject which can last a lifetime. MORE »

Mid 2014 the Board held a Strategic Planning Session. A priority to emerge from this was the need to find a permanent National Headquarters for the Society to work from. MORE »

A major focus during the year was environmental education, awarding the ten environmental scholarships and announcing the winner of the inaugural Wildlife Science Ecology Research Scholarship. MORE »

The major focus during 2012 was fund raising and the launch of the new Wildlife Science Ecology Research Scholarship to enable bright young student scientists to study and research wildlife conservation at the University of Technology Sydney to prevent any further wildlife extinctions. MORE »

One of the first wildlife conservation projects to be announced by Suzanne Medway following her re-election as President of the Society was a new scholarship for students to study at the University of Technology Sydney. MORE »

During 2010 we focused on liaison with carer groups and supporting them in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured native wildlife. MORE »

During 2009 we focused on updating the Society’s website and giving our Members the flexibility to register or renew their memberships online. After a very successful Centenary year, the Directors of the Society are planning for the next century of wildlife conservation by doing more to protect Australia’s native wildlife and its vital habitat. MORE »

During 2008 we focused on developing a Centenary program for the Society in 2009 which would enable us to reach every member across Australia. We were able to develop a national program of Lord Mayoral civic receptions to raise the public profile on our mission to preserve the native fauna and flora for the next generation of young Australians. We developed partnerships with major conservation groups and wildlife carers involved in the preservation and protection of Australian wildlife in all its forms. MORE »

2007 was one of the Society's most successful and productive years. Our membership base grew and our investment income expanded to provide increased resources to enable the Society to focus on the ECOWORLD project. MORE »

The Australian Wildlife Society has broad and diverse projects and responsibilities in our mission of preserving Australia's unique and precious wildlife and this is evident in the range of our achievements over the last year. We deal with a broad spectrum of issues, deliver many different projects and operate in a number of different and sometimes difficult locations. Some of our projects focus on conserving a single species, while others deal with problems on a continental or global scale - such as climate change. Our volunteers work in locations all around Australia, from remote areas to the capital cities - and all show a commitment to conserving Australia's flora and fauna. MORE »

2005 has been a particularly busy year and, accordingly, a very successful year for the Society. Members of Council have travelled widely throughout Australia on the Society's special mission to engage with local conservation groups in our task of supporting similar organisations in their efforts. MORE »

2004 was a year of many achievements for the Society. Our effort to increase the protection for the wildlife on the Great Barrier Reef and other Marine Parks was officially implemented on 1 July 2004 and is regarded as a major achievement for the conservation movement as a whole and a real success for our Society to save and protect marine wildlife. MORE »

2003 brought many interesting challenges as we embarked on a very positive course of action to promote and market the Society and its vital work for Australian wildlife. The important work to save the Towra Point Nature Reserve continued. MORE »