National Colouring-in Competition


The Australian Wildlife Society colouring-in competition is designed to inspire the younger generation to learn about Australia's native wildlife via visual art and creativity.  We hope that the experience provides participants with the opportunity to explore and develop a deeper understanding of environmental and wildlife-related issues.

There will be one first, second, and third place winner in each state and territory of Australia.  The first place finalist in each state and territory will have their artwork published in the Society’s magazine Australian Wildlife.  All first place winners will receive an annual family membership, valued at $70, and a certificate of congratulations.  Their artwork will be published in the Society’s newsletter, website, and social media platforms.  Second and third place winners will receive a certificate of congratulations and their artwork will be published in the newsletter, website, and social media platforms.


When you submit your entry, please include the following information:

  • Your name, age, and state of residence
  • Telephone number and/or email address (this is how we will notify the winners)
  • Parent/guardian signature as consent for entry into the competition


  • Entries are limited to one (1) entry per person
  • To submit your entry, please take a photo or scan the completed artwork and email a copy to
  • Please name your file according to the format: Name, Age, State (For example, Mark5yoNSW)

The competition opens mid-year.  Entries are due by 30 November each year. Winners will be notified by mid-December.


Winners of the Australian Wildlife Society colouring-in competition acknowledge that the winning artworks, participant’s name, and state of residence will be published in the Society’s magazine, newsletter, website, and social media platforms. Participants under the age of 18 must obtain parental or guardian consent to enter the competition.

2023 Competition Recepients

Naharrah 11yo NSW

Ivy 10yo NSW

William 10yo NSW

Louisa-Eliza 9yo QLD

Quentin 11yo QLD

Angelo 10yo QLD

Isaac 9yo SA

Evanna 5yo SA

Harper 6yo SA

Abigail 7yo TAS

Grace 11yo TAS

Thomas 7yo TAS

Cady 5yo VIC

Jasmine 10yo VIC

Alexandra 13yo VIC

Hayley 4yo WA

Charlotte 6yo WA

Daniel 8yo WA

Sam 8yo NT

Elijah 9yo NT

Jake 7yo NT

2022 Competition Recepients

Hansika 10yo NSW

Violet 11yo NSW

Ariah 11yo NSW

Max 7yo QLD

Bernice 6yo QLD

Yenuli 12yo QLD

Faith 6yo SA

Henry 10yo SA

Lyla 11yo SA

Gracie 11yo TAS

Grace 10yo TAS

Liam 7yo TAS

Sarasi 10 VIC

Lucy 11yo VIC

Eloise 8yo VIC

Jesse 12yo WA

Zara 10yo WA

Latrell 11yo WA

Beau 7yo ACT

Chiara 3yo ACT

Xavier 10yo ACT

2021 Competition Recepients

Eve 11yo NSW

Madelyn 7yo QLD

Hansika 9yo NSW

Modamsuvee 6yo QLD

Azalea 13yo SA

Mariam 6yo NSW

Faith 6yo SA

Max 5yo QLD

Gabriella 13yo VIC

Grace 11yo VIC

Abigail 5yo TAS

Jake 5yo NT

Sanisha 7yo SA

Alyssa 10yo VIC

Swaraj 10yo WA

Grace 9yo TAS

Zara 7yo NT

Ada 6yo WA

Phoebe 9yo WA

Lara 8yo ACT

Alice 10yo ACT

Ella 11yo ACT

Sam 6yo NT

2020 Competition Recepients

Fionn 6yo NSW

Francesca 7yo SA

Axl 8yo QLD

Aafje 9yo TAS

Elke 7yo NSW

Isaac 9yo QLD

Jaynie 11yo SA

Amber 10yo SA

Maddie 7yo VIC

Isabelle 12yo WA

Vealove 11yo VIC

Charlie 14yo VIC

Quentin 8yo QLD

Sam 5yo NT

Ari 9yo NSW

Freya 6yo WA

Christopher 9yo ACT

Jessica 6yo ACT

Amelia 4yo WA

2019 Competition Winners

Dominic, TAS

Emily, NSW

Jesse, TAS

Savannah, NSW

Nicholas, TAS