Wildlife Rehabilitation Award

Many people find the experience of rehabilitating native wildlife rewarding, however it is time consuming and can be very expensive. Caring for native wildlife takes a lot of experience. It is not like looking after a cat or a dog;  native animals have special dietary requirements, need frequent veterinary care and strong commitment to rehabilitating the wildlife by the carer. Some native animals need highly specialised care; koalas, echidna, platypus, raptors and reptiles are some examples of animals that require high levels of expertise and a degree of specialisation. Many of these species are also threatened and their survival is highly significant.

Wildlife rehabilitators play a vital role in conservation of Australian wildlife and the Australian Wildlife Society would like to see these special carers recognised and rewarded.

The aims of the Australian Wildlife Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Award are:

  1. To benefit the preservation of Australian wildlife by supporting volunteer wildlife rescuers and rehabilitators.
  2. To further the Society’s commitment to preserving native wildlife by supporting volunteers who rescue and rehabilitate injured native wildlife.
  3. To increase awareness of this area, and attract new members to the Australian Wildlife Society.
  4. To reward smaller organisations and/or individuals who do not reach the criteria for judging of the Community Wildlife Conservation Award and the Serventy Conservation Award.

Australian Wildlife Society will provide and annual award of $1,000 to an individual or small organisation who contributes to the conservation of Australian wildlife through rescue and rehabilitation. A trophy and certificate will accompany the cash award.

The application process will be advertised online through our website and social media and through our fortnightly newsletter. It will also feature in Australian Wildlife. Applications will be received annually by 31 December.

An online application form on the Society’s website is available.

The applications would be judged by the President on the following criteria:

  • Benefit to conservation
  • The applicant holds a current rehabilitation permit

Winners will be notified by mail, and full results published in the Society’s magazine.

Announcement and presentation to the winner to be made at the AGM / luncheon along with the Serventy Award, the Community Award and the Youth Award.

To nominate a person or an organisation for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Award, please fill in our online form or  download the PDF nomination form here » 


To electronically complete and submit the nomination form, please follow the steps below:

  1. Save the PDF nomination form to your desktop
  2. Right click on the PDF form and select 'Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC'
  3. Once the document opens, click on 'tools' and select 'fill & sign' 
  4. You will be able to electronically fill in the nomination form
  5. Once complete, 'Save As' and rename the document accordingly
  6. Send the completed nomination form to [email protected]

Wildlife Rehabilitation Award - Nomination Form