Serventy Conservation Award

This special award was inaugurated in 1999 to commemorate the wonderful conservation work by the members of the Serventy family – Vin Serventy, his brother Dr Dominic Serventy and his sister Lucy. Each member of the family has given a lifetime of commitment to the conservation and preservation of our Australian wildlife. The award is intended to recognise and celebrate conservation work that has not been done as part of a professional career. It is awarded to those who labour in the conservation field for a love of nature and a determination that it should be conserved. Often, these have been non-scientists who have earned their conservation skills through sheer hard work. Our Society will present a plaque and a cash award of $1,500 to the winning person that is helping to save Australia’s precious wildlife. 

History of the Serventy Conservation Medal

In 1997 the Council of the Australian Wildlife Society decided to perpetuate the memory of the Serventy family for their outstanding contribution to wildlife preservation in Australia by establishing the Serventy Conservation Medal. In 2015 the title was changed to the Serventy Conservation Award. MORE »

To nominate an individual for the Serventy Conservation Award, please download the PDF nomination form here »


To electronically complete and submit the nomination form, please follow the steps below:

  1. Save the PDF nomination form to your desktop
  2. Right click on the PDF form and select 'Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC'
  3. Once the document opens, click on 'tools' and select 'fill & sign' 
  4. You will be able to electronically fill in the nomination form
  5. Once complete, 'Save As' and rename the document accordingly
  6. Send the completed nomination form to [email protected]