Style Guide

The purpose of the style guide is to make sure that contributors create a written article in a clear and cohesive way that reflects the corporate style and ensures consistency with everything from design to writing.

Article Template

The purpose of the article template is to help contributors start creating their manuscript in the correct format. The article template provides a framework that brings together common elements and components.

Article Example

The purpose of the article example is to provide a sample of how the article will look once it is published. The article example also provides contributors with more information in which to compose their written article.

Disclaimer: we advise submitting your article as soon as possible as we primarily work on a first-come, first-served basis dependent upon the urgency of the conservation issue at the time.  Due to being flexible around the page length and the number of images authors can contribute, reaching capacity is primarily determined by the article length, the number of images, and the layout requirements.  Consequently, we may need to defer your article to the following issue.  We will ensure that any timeframes are updated accordingly if this is required.

Summer Issue - Articles are due 15 December

Autumn Issue - Articles are due 15 March 

Winter Issue - Articles are due 15 June

Spring Issue - Articles are due 15 September